J&M proudly presents the newest development 'Milk-Inspector'. After more than 5 year researches and development the new in-line solution is available.


New in-line measurement system for effective process monitoring

Our new technology sheds light upon milk, enabling real-time determination
of fat, protein and dry weight during production.


Integrate your lab into production line without a loss in accuracy.
The Milk-Inspector uses newest developments for more reliable and accurate measurement results.
Milk-Inspector is a novel scientifically proven in-line optical measurement system for fat, protein and dry weight analysis during the production. Due to a very short measurement time you can monitor these parameters in more detail and with highest accuracy for control and documentation. See for yourself and be convinced by the easy handling of this system.
With Milk-Inspector you have the newest measurement technology for your daily work.
Milk-Inspector provides reliable analysis and cost savings during milk production. Precise real-time measurements help to increase profitability (e.g. by avoiding fat excess) and to keep sustainable product quality.


Integrate Milk-Inspector into existing plant seamlessly. Easy connection to your process control system saves your time and money.




± 0.05% fat
± 0.03% protein
± 0.06% dry weight

Application range Measurement of fat, protein, dry weight
Measurement time 2 s
Operating Unit Built into Rittal Hygienic Design enclosure with 30° roof tilt
Dimensions Width: 510 mm; Heigth (front): 550 mm; Heigth (rear): 669 mm; Depth: 210 mm

Output Four current outputs 4…20 mA / 16 bit resolution
8 digital I/O

8 digital I/O

Connection to analyzer

Protected light fibre cable up to 5 m

Power supply

80-265 VAC, 50 Hz; 24 V; 80 W

Protection category

IP 65

Process connection


Hygienic approvals

FDA approved