With a wide range of accessories such as flow cells, cuvette holders, reflection measurement heads, capillary holders, different fibre optic probes and more; we offer various solutions for your application(s).

Flow Cells

The J&M flow cells from the RVP -Series (Reproducible Variable Path Length) are designed for process applications. All materials that come into contact with the product adhere to FDA regulations.

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Reflection Measurement

Head IRIS 7

With the IRIS-7 reflection probe J&M introduces a measuring head with a variable measuring spot for the first time.

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Capillary Holder

The patent pending fibre arrange- ment inside our capillary holders ensures best optical performance






Immersion Probes

We offer a range of immersion probe lengths and diameters, better suiting your application needs.


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Our goniometer can be used with reflection measurements, offering various reproducible and adjustable angles.



Cuvette Holder KD 10

The KD 10 is designed to use standard cuvettes with path lengths up to 10 mm. Absorption as well as fluorescence measurements are possible

Reflection Measurement

(without lamp)

This reflectance measurement head is ideal for applications with small measurement spots and less space



Process Probe LHP

Revolutionary probe design en- abling robust and reliable process analysis for different optical methods



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Integration Sphere

For surface or LED measurements different integration spheres and measurement heads are available




Front Window Heated Probe

This probe is optimised for reflec- tion measurements in solid samples like powders, the heated front window avoids a sticking of the material at the window