Plug und Play – through standard accessories

                         the TIDAS E is immediately operational




Diode Array Technology – enables quick and precise

                                         measuring with a small amount

                                         of scattered light




Software – modular and user friendly, permits the data

                  gathering and evaluation of individual tasks


Detection system for diverse applications in UV, VIS, and NIR



The TIDAS E Spectrometer series provides a quick and efficient entrance in Diode Array Spectroscopy.  External accessories such as sample or filter changers are energised through control wires and triggers. Through LAN connections, the TIDAS E is efficiently integrated into the existing network or connected directly to the computer.


The TIDAS E Base Detector systems are available in the following wavelengths:

UV: 190-390nm
UV/VIS: 190-720nm
VIS/NIR 300-1100nm

With the TIDAS E Base Model, the software, power supply, and patch cable for Plug and Play are contained in the delivery contents.


Datenblatt TIDAS E Technical Data & Features TIDAS E Base (xxxKb)