TIDAS E Accessories


For the models of TIDAS E series, we offer a variety of accessories. Depending on the application these various components are available:


•  Optical Fiber

•  Immersion Probes

•  Reflection Probes

•  External Cell

•  External Flow Cells

•  Integrating Spheres

Accessories for TIDAS E Spectrometer

Along with our TIDAS E Spectrometer, we offer an extensive range of accessories:


Optical Fiber

We offer a variety of different light guides in various lengths. Our standard model light guides are available in a length of 2 meters. All optical fibers have a serial number and are each supplied with a certificate. To better distinguish these light guides, we use blue for the UV / VIS region and red in the NIR region. In addition to normal monofilament, Y-fibers and fiber bundles are available. We also produce light guides according to your wishes.

All optical fibers are supplied with SMA connectors. For our older spectrometers, the J&M Fiber optic connections can also be used.


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Immersion Probes

It is not always possible to take the sample to the laboratory instrument. In these cases, immersion probes can be used to measure directly in the original container. Choose the appropriate level probe match from our range of different thicknesses and diameters for your application.


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External Cuvette Holder

For all cases in which the internal cuvette holder is not enough, we offer our own external cuvette with different optics. In addition to the standard version with parallel beam properties there is also a variant with focusing optics for fluorescence measurements. The cuvette holder can use SMA connectors and optical fibers connected to the spectrometer.





Reflection Probe

For reflection measurements, our special probes have proved suitable. Possible applications include Colour measurements and / or measurements on solid substances.





Integrating Sphere

Integrating spheres are a vital measuring equipment in the LED or lamp measurement. In addition to standard bullets from different manufacturers we can also offer customized solutions. If the integrating sphere is via an SMA fiber-optic connection, it can also be connected easily to one of our spectrometers.




Flow Cells

The J & M Flow cells of the RVP series (Reproducible Variable Path Length) were developed specifically for process applications. All product-touching materials comply with FDA requirements. Of course, these cells can also be used for feasibility studies in the laboratory.




Focusing Optics for Fluorescence Measurements

For the TIDAS E, we offer special focusing optics for fluorescence measurements. The existing SMA fiber optic connector can be unscrewed and replaced by this new look. Light for fluorescence excitation is now focused directly in the middle of the used cuvette. The replacement of the optics is done in just a few seconds.



Fluorescence Filter Holder

This special filter holder is designed for an optical filter for the inhibition of fluorescence excitation. The optical filter is simply attached by means of a screw ring into the filter holder, and may also need to be replaced or adapted to the excitation wavelength.