The TIDAS E series has been developed by J&M especially for education and research. This instrument range provides ease of use of the diode array spectrometer and flexible optical fibre technology, at a reasonable price. These systems are suitable for routine analysis in the laboratory, including:


•    Absorption and Fluorescence Measurement
•    Colour Measurement and Evaluation
•    Layer Thickness Measurement using White-Light


Selected software packages, measurement cells, light guides and ready-to-use applications complete the programme range.

TIDAS E spectrometer


TIDAS E series with integrated cuvette hoder and integrated light source. Available in the wavelength ranges UV, UV/VIS and NIR.

TIDAS E optical path

TIDAS E Optical Path

With the patented cuvette holder, a variety of different measuring systems can be realised without device modification.

TIDAS E Base detector system



The TIDAS E detector systems are available in three different wavelength ranges: UV, UV/VIS, VIS/NIR.

TIDAS E accessories

TIDAS E Accessories


Here you can find the suitable equipment like measuring cells, light guides and spare parts.