TIDAS OEM Light Sources


J&M offers both polychromatic and monochromatic light sources for the UV, VIS, and NIR range, used in combination with the J&M detectors and the ASPEN electronics in the world's most sensitive HPLC-detectors. J&M's main goal during the development process was long term stability and very low noise. The light sources are optimized for the use with optical fibres. The optics can be adjusted to fit to the detector's sensitivity and the transmission performance of the optical path. As a result, best performance over the whole wavelength range is given. For these products, fast shutters (movements within some ms) are also available, helping acquire the detector's dark current.

Overview TIDAS OEM Light Sources

The TIDAS OEM light sources are available for the UV/VIS to the NIR wavelength range. Deuterium light sources are used for the UV wavelength range and tungsten, halogen, or xenon types are used for the VIS and NIR wavelength range. Of special note, to cover the enitre wavelength range from UV to the NIR, J&M also offers combination light sources. These light sources can be delivered as shine-through versions, or versions which are combined by special fibre setups. All light sources are available with SMA fibre connectors and electromechanical shutters.