TIDAS P Analyser


The TIDAS P Analyser is typically used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The control of mixing, drying or granulation, the determination of API contents, or monitoring of coating processes are only some examples where the TIDAS P instruments can be found. 

The instrument measures very quickly and with the highest precision, even in the most extreme environments. The TIDAS P helps to save costs drastically by optimising the process and lowering the cycle times.

The best analytical instrumentation for your process

TIDAS P Analyzer for monitoring discrete or continuous processes in rugged environments

The very robust housing of the TIDAS P Analyzer is certified according to ATEX up to Zone 0 and IP 65. Various sample cells like IRIS-7, RVP-flow cell or the Lighthouse Probe™ for the measurement of solid, liquid or gaseous samples are integrated into a piping by Tri-Clamp and Swagelok® or adapted to production machines.

The TIDAS P instrumentation can even be integrated in fast or complex moving machines like a blender rotating around two axes. The instrument here is battery-powered, the data transferred by WLAN. 

By integration into the process equipment, the TIDAS P Analyzer, in combination with optimised sample cells and specific software, delivers important process relevant parameters.





Blend Monitoring    

 Öffnet PDF Dokument im neuen Fenster Determination of Mixing Quality and Endpoint

Saves time and costs by using NIR-spectroscopy for monitoring of mixing processes



TIDAS P Pro Clean

Öffnet PDF Dokument im neuen Fenster Monitoring of Cleaning Processes

UV/VIS Analyzer for in-line cleaning or reaction monitoring


MS 80 Moisture Sensor
Öffnet PDF Dokument im neuen Fenster Humidity analysis made easy

 In-line analysis in solid samples