TIDAS P Automation


TIDAS P Automation consists of hardware, software and engineering solutions to integrate the TIDAS P instrumentation into a fully automated process. The spectral information is converted by mathematical models directly to data which can be used for analysing and controlling the process. An OPC server can transfer these data to the process control system.

Besides the TIDAS P Analyzer or the TIDAS P SSG, different types of measurement heads or probes, which can be cleaned or recalibrated during the process, play an important role. Several probes can be combined with one TIDAS P instrument by using a multiplexer. This allows a very economic realisation of comprehensive analytical tasks.  

Unique solutions for your requirements in automation

Your requirements in automation are as unique, as are our solutions. Together with you, our customer, we analyse your process and based on our instruments, research, and experience, we work together to find a cost effective, goal-oriented solution.

On-line and in-line process monitoring becomes more important every day. Many analytical methods are based on optical technologies, like UV/VIS- or NIR-spectroscopy.  Mainly a window is used to monitor the progress of the process. Here the problem of window fouling is observed quite often, where the measurement window is covered permanently by material thus leading to wrong results or making on-line monitoring impossible.

The process has to be stopped to clean the window and to recalibrate the analytical instrument.

Here J&M offers a solution to ensure continuous process monitoring as well. An example is the Lighthouse Probe Technology™ (LHP), a probe developed in cooperation between J&M and GEA . The LHP is an automated probe that is connected by light fibres to the TIDAS P SSG or TIDAS P Analyser. The LHP can be cleaned and recalibrated during the process without the necessity to stop the process.

 Funktinsprinzip LHP


Example for cleaning during process



Reinigung LHP im Prozess


... with us as your partner we will find a solution for your automation tasks.