The TIDAS P SSG is optimised for the use in production plants and technical environments. Different combinations of UV/VIS/NIR-spectrometers, light sources and electronics are integrated in stainless steel housings (standard protection class IP 54). The light fibres are guided by a protective hose to the sample cell allowing the best protection of the complete system in rugged production environments.

The TIDAS P instrumentation is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical or food and beverage industry. Typical applications are determination of humidity or API content, homogeneity of mixing processes or endpoint determination in cleaning procedures. 


All TIDAS P systems are optimised for use with light fibres.

The TIDAS P SSG is a well suited system to optimise the cycle times in discrete processes or monitor and control continuous processes. The combination of light fibres and sample cells like the IRIS-7 probe, the RVP flow cell or the Lighthouse Probe™ allow a versatile use of the TIDAS P SSG systems, in-line or at-line. Simultaneous monitoring of several measuring points is also possible by using a multiplexer.  Capacity utilisation is increased, which leads to a faster ROI (Return on Investment).




Instrument with single wavelength detectors
The TIDAS P 200 instruments are well suited for the determination of single parameters.
The PMT photomultiplier systems offer highest sensitivity combined with shortest analysis time.

-PMT 388
-PMT 546

             Photometer system with photomultiplier and interference filter at 388 nm
Photometer system with photomultiplier and interference filter at 546nm


Systems with NMOS spectral sensors 256 pixel
These systems are characterised by high sensitivity at a compact size.
Small spectrometer modules with NMOS diode arrays are used here.

-3011 SSG
-365L SSG
-1939 SSG

VIS/NIR system, for absorption or fluorescence applications (300-1100nm)
Fluorescence detector with integrated UV-LED light source (365nm)
UV system with integrated deuterium light source (190-390nm)

TIDAS P 600 Systems with NMOS spectral sensors, 512 or 1025 pixel
These systems offer a high spectral resolution combined with good sensitivity. These systems are based on very robust spectrometer modules with NMOS diode arrays.

- 1961 SSG

- 1910 SSG

Detection system for the UV/VIS range (190-610nm).
also available with integrated deuterium-/tungsten light source
Detection system for the UV/VIS/NIR range (190-1010nm),
also available with integrated deuterium-/tungsten light source


Systems with back-thinned CCD sensor (1044 Pixel)
High-end instruments for the UV/VIS/NIR range, including spectrometer modules of high resolution and thermoelectric cooled back-thinned CCD arrays, thus offering a combination of the highest sensitivity and very good spectral resolution. 
- 1998 SSG Universal instrument for the enhanced spectral range (190-980nm).

TIDAS  S  1000 Systems for the NIR range with InGaAs spectral sensors with either 256 or 512 Pixel
Robust NIR diode array spectrometer
- 1017 SSG
- 1121 SSG
NIR spectrometer 950-1700nm
NIR spectrometer 1100-2100nm